Mmm, pot.

Pot Psychology!

Pot Psychology!

I love Pot Psychology, the weekly Jezebel advise column published every Friday afternoon at exactly 4.20pm. The irreverent feature gives all the pertinent info regarding blow job etiquette, inappropriate incest fantasies, the proper protocol regarding herpes disclaimers and other delightful sex topics. This week’s feature is a “best of” of sorts and it includes a question from a reader who wants a monogamous relationship… as long as it doesn’t inhibit her weekly boning sessions with a French fuck-buddy. Oh, and all of these questions are conducted whilst the two advice columnists — Tracie “Slut Machine” Egan and Rich Juzwiak — are stoned out of their minds. So basically, it’s awesome.

Moreover, I love Tracie Egan. I’ve been reading her Jezebel posts for the past year or so and her popular blog One D at a Time is both humorous and spot on. Her blog is outrageous (in a good way) and covers an array of topics, particularly her love of anonymous sex and her collection of vibrators. She’s a talented writer and, although my own life is far from Ms. Egan’s, I enjoy reading about her hysterical sexcapades.

Tracie — along with Jezebel feature editor Moe Tkacki — has recently been through a lot of crap with supposed Second-Wave feminists from yesteryear. Both Tracie and Moe participated in a comic interview on June 30th titled “Thinking and Drinking,” hosted by former Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead. The two guests were obviously drunk — duh, that was the point of the interview and free wine was given to both guests — and both of them made a few embarrassing remarks, mainly regarding their opinions about rape. Both Tracie and Moe tried to avoid “the rape issue” — after all, they were drunk and it was a comedy show; who the fuck would want to talk about rape? — but Lizz pursued the topic and later made a blog post on the Huffington Post denouncing the two writers as inappropriate “heroes” for young women who frequent Jezebel.

What both those writers said on camera was ridiculous; they know it and so did Lizz, and yet she continued to push Tracie and Moe towards accepting her own ludicrous opinions about the rape topic. Lizz tried to convince both writers that “sluts” who meet sex partners in bars are eventually going to be raped, no question about it. After all, violent rape is an appropriate punishment for ramped promiscuously and the two are mutually inclusive — at least by Lizz’s standards. Tracie — who, at 29, has openly admitted to sleeping with over 100 men — claims to have never been raped and thus was a “fluke” in Lizz’s reasoning. When Tracie made a joke that guys from Williamsburg aren’t assertive enough to be rapists, her joke fell flat and went well over Lizz’s head.

Furthermore, when Moe admitted that she was date raped at 19 years-old and took years to define it as such, Lizz gave her a MASSIVE amount of shit for never reporting her crime to the police. After all if her former rapist attacked another girl, it’s all Moe’s fault for never reporting it to criminal authorities, despite the current imprison rate of less than 1 in 16 alleged rapists. By Lizz’s absurd logic, it’s the victim’s fault if her former attacker sexually assaults another women. Sorry Lizz, but it is never a woman’s fault when she is raped. Not if she wears a short skirt. Not if she goes home with an unfamiliar man she met at a bar. And definitely not when said rapist’s past victims decide that reporting their crimes are not worth the endless amount of harassment currently encouraged by sexist police departments across the country. The decision to report a rape is incredibly difficult and no one has the right to judge a past victim for choosing to forgo our currently broken judicial system regarding rape.

Regardless, the “Talking and Drinking” interview was an embarrassment for both writers, but you know what? Get the fuck over it. Neither Tracie Egan nor Moe Tkacki support rapists and it’s ridiculous for self-proclaimed feminists to define them as women-haters for a couple of drunken remarks. Yes, it’s absurd for a teenager girl to consider a blogger nicknamed “Slut Machine” as her hero, but this isn’t Tracie’s fault at all. Her job at Jezebel — which has recently gotten very popular with teenagers, due in large part to her Pot Psychology column — does not make her responsible as a role model for youth across the country. Tracie is simply a gifted writer with an appetite for sex and I will continue to enjoy reading her blog posts — whether or not Second-Wave feminists support her controversial views.


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