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I love Ann Arbor. I wish I hadn’t forgotten my tooth brush.


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Fashion ideas.

I should have spent most of today packing and finalizing my study abroad essays. Instead, I “wasted” (not really) my day texting JP and lurking through numerous fashion blogs. My mom bought me a bunch of leggings, headbands, scarves, etc. from H&M and I’ve been looking for ways to accessorize with what I already have.

Some new sites I discovered today:

Helsinki Looks: Street style shots from Helsinki, Finland. Has a nice little navigation bar, so you can look through it from season to season. No dates though, unforte. Cute quotes from the “models” who are featured on the site.

Oslo Stil: Street style fashion shot by a blogger in Oslo, Norway. I believe she chooses one lucky person per day. Either way, the fashion isn’t incredibly creative here (it seems like a lot of the stuff is repetitive) but there are definitely some cute outfits and ideas to pick up on.

Hoy Fashion: Loved loved LOVED this blog! Apparently it’s based in Liverpool, England though the site administrator includes street style shots from various locations in England, along with a few trips to Paris. Very creative and interesting pieces.

Fashion Fillers: I honestly don’t even know where this blogger is based because I didn’t bother to read anything she wrote. But holy crap, she is very innovative and has an amazing amount of creativity. It’s fun to live vicariously through her own insane costume concoctions.

And, of course, some classics:

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Here it is, my Halloween ’08 costume.

Heidi the Dumbass

Heidi the Dumbass

I call shotty! If I see any other bishes on campus wearin’ this ish, they’ll be getting some major bitchface. I know Lindsay Lohan (and like, 5077198 other people) have already pulled off the obnoxious American Apparel look for All Hallows Eve. I don’t care.

And btw, dressing like Olivia Newton-John is not going to save Heidi’s pathetic, Spencer-driven music career. Sorry, but nice try!

Image from Jezebel.

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JD Salinger is weird.

I found my long-lost copy of The Catcher in the Rye today amidst all my old history and polisci notebooks from frosh year. I read the first two chapters and instantly remembered why it was my favorite book between the ages of 13 and 15.

Aah, middle school memories. Phonies iz bitches.

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I love Modest Mouse.

this plane is definitely crashing.

this boat is obviously sinking.

this building’s totally burning down.

and my, and my, and my, and my, and my…

and my heart has slowly dried up.

isaac brock, “shit luck”

I’ve used these lyrics to describe my emotions for ever. And tonight, I finally got it.

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A note on presentation.

I sound like a California Valley girl bitch in my last post. Duly noted.

Edit: And super servicey! Hot damn, 9 links?

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