Fashion ideas.

I should have spent most of today packing and finalizing my study abroad essays. Instead, I “wasted” (not really) my day texting JP and lurking through numerous fashion blogs. My mom bought me a bunch of leggings, headbands, scarves, etc. from H&M and I’ve been looking for ways to accessorize with what I already have.

Some new sites I discovered today:

Helsinki Looks: Street style shots from Helsinki, Finland. Has a nice little navigation bar, so you can look through it from season to season. No dates though, unforte. Cute quotes from the “models” who are featured on the site.

Oslo Stil: Street style fashion shot by a blogger in Oslo, Norway. I believe she chooses one lucky person per day. Either way, the fashion isn’t incredibly creative here (it seems like a lot of the stuff is repetitive) but there are definitely some cute outfits and ideas to pick up on.

Hoy Fashion: Loved loved LOVED this blog! Apparently it’s based in Liverpool, England though the site administrator includes street style shots from various locations in England, along with a few trips to Paris. Very creative and interesting pieces.

Fashion Fillers: I honestly don’t even know where this blogger is based because I didn’t bother to read anything she wrote. But holy crap, she is very innovative and has an amazing amount of creativity. It’s fun to live vicariously through her own insane costume concoctions.

And, of course, some classics:

The Facehunter: The title says it all. If you’ve got the style, and you’re in the “right” city, he will take your picture and immortalize you. So dramatic, but true. I love this blog, nearly every outfit in it is amazing.

Stockholm Street Style: Outside of Facehunter, I personally think this is the best street style blog. All shot in Stockholm, Sweden. This blog makes me want to get a job at Ikea headquarters, dye my hair bleach blond(er), and move to Scandinavia.

The Sartorialist: Kind of like The Facehunter, but not as good. Way too many words, not enough pretty pictures. And who cares about men in suits?

Some of my favorite shots:

I obviously have far too much free time on my hands. Hahaha.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! I’m from The Netherlands 😉

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