Sarah Palin is not a feminist.

I’m starting to think that McCain’s whole “I’m-not-sexist-’cause-I-nominated-a-former-beauty-queen!” shtick is going to work and he’s going to clinch the presidency. I hope I’m just being cynical. But probably not. Here’s why. Maybe some apathy is in order, herbal or otherwise.

Dodai at Jezebel scoured the internet for any and all references to whether or not Palin is, in fact, a feminist. She isn’t. Here are my two favorite quotes Dodai found, the first from Newsweek and the second from Feministing.

“Conservatives have probably used the word ‘sexist’ more in the past week than they have in the past 50 years. This would all have been entertaining if it were not such rank hypocrisy. These are people who have inveighed against affirmative action, a version of which undoubtedly played a part in this selection. […] The governor has talked about the choice she and her pregnant teenage daughter have made, but would deny other women the right to make their own choices. She talks about fighting the old boys’ network and corrupt politicians, but would turn over the private reproductive decisions of American women to both. […] But she could certainly help move the inevitable tide of women’s rights, the tide that has floated her own boat, by demanding that she be honored with the same tough scrutiny the guys in this race get. Which was, in case these improbable born-again friends of feminism missed it, the entire point of the exercise in the first place.”

– Anna Quindel, Newsweek

“Really, most of the ‘feminism’ talk is coming from conservatives appropriating the language of the movement to push a ridiculously anti-feminist candidate. But what I find even more upsetting is the Palin/feminist talk coming from mainstream outlets who are demonstrating absolutely no knowledge of feminism. Take the Adweek article, for example, which says ‘Palin is a classic third-wave feminist, benefiting from all that came before her in terms of the women’s movement…’ So by this definition, any woman who has benefited from feminism is a feminist. So, all women are feminists? Uh, yeah.”

– Jessica Valenti, Feministing

I have nothing more to contribute, the links say it like it is (for me, at least).


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