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Wasted Wednesday.

I’m staying in on a Wednesday night and reading a NYT blog article about Michelle Obama’s arms. I’m officially a nerd.

PS. I just booked a flight to Barcelona and I’m now Facebook friends with my senoƱa. Life is awesome.


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Weezy’s bringing it back.

I cannot fucking wait to hear Katie Couric interview Mr. Bestselling Artist of 2008 Weezy. “I’m a gangsa and gangstas don’t ask questions.”

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Lately listens.

Deerhunter- “Nothing Ever Happens”

Hot Chip- “One Pure Thought”

Ruby Suns- “Tane Mahuta”

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This song is my happiness.

The Field- “Silent”

Coldplay’s “The Scientist” looped in reverse over simple ambient beats. Aah, perfection.

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Holy shit, Metacritic.

Check it, first review.

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Mad linkage.

Of MontrealUWire


Free BloodTiny Mix Tapes

ReeferTiny Mix Tapes

+/-The Michigan Daily

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Two more articles

Antony & the Johnsons- Another World, published October 17, 2008.

Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping, published October 22, 2008.

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